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Charisma Group is the leading provider of audiovisual content creation and production services in the Middle East. Since its establishment as a corporation in 2005, Charisma has generated and produced over 22,000 hours of content across a diverse range of genres. The company is a leading independent TV content creator in the region, with a thorough understanding of local audiences, and business operations, and a unique expertise in developing content that appeals to viewers in the GCC. Charisma has a widespread presence in the Arab world with offices and a network of studios in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Beirut, and Cairo.

The Group's portfolio encompasses non-scripted content, scripted content, and digitally native brands. Charisma Group is also a producer of significant events and provides audiovisual content to the digital media industry. In the non-scripted genre, the company is a market leader in the production of daily shows, particularly entertainment news magazines and socio-political talk shows, game shows, and sports programs. Charisma was the first production company to introduce, with the help of Fremantle Media, the structured reality genre to the region, producing critically acclaimed reality series in Bahrain, Cairo, and Lebanon. In the scripted industry, Charisma was the first to introduce the Nordic Noir genre to the Arab world, with its award-winning Arabic adaptation of DR’s The Killing. Previously, the company produced numerous drama series and movies that have been distributed and viewed throughout the GCC and the MENA region. In the digitally native brands, Charisma led the digital wave by launching the first celebrity news video publishing platform ET Bil Arabi. It is the Arabic adaptation of CBS’ Entertainment Tonight and is now the Arab world’s reference in entertainment news. Charisma Group is also a producer of significant events and provides audiovisual content to the digital media industry.

The client portfolio of Charisma Group includes major media platforms namely MBC Group platforms; MBC 1, MBC 4, MBC Misr, and Shahid and also Rotana Group channels, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) as well as Netflix. In addition to creating original concepts that cater to the Arab audience, Charisma specializes in adapting and localizing successful international TV formats - namely Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Cash Cab, and Judge Mathis - to meet the high standards of the Arab world. With strong ties to international format houses and studios, including CBS, Warner Brothers, BBC World, NBC Universal, and All3media, Charisma has the capability to bridge the gap between international corporations and the local scene. As a signatory of the Writers Guild of America, Charisma is dedicated to the adoption of the writer's room approach to drama development and has formed a partnership with Bedlam Productions, an Academy Award-winning UK production company, to develop drama and movies that meet international standards. Reinforcing its position in the scripted industry, Charisma already sold series to major networks, including local adaptations of internationally acclaimed formats such as The Good Wife (CBS), Dr. Foster (BBC), and Who Killed Sara (Netflix). Going forward, Charisma is paving the way for the musical theater genre in the Arab world, joining forces with West End Worldwide to produce the region's first musical theater piece in KSA.

Charisma Group is the leading, innovative, cross-border, media powerhouse in the Middle East.

Charisma Group is the leading, innovative, cross-border, media powerhouse in the Middle East.

Aiman Al Ziyoud is the visionary CEO and founder of Charisma Group, a media production powerhouse in the Middle East. Under his leadership, the company has expanded to encompass eight specialized media companies, offering services in TV broadcasting, content management, gaming, and digital media. Thanks to Al Ziyoud's astute understanding of global media dynamics, Charisma Group has extended its reach from Lebanon to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UK, and the US. With his extensive background in media, entertainment, and production, Al Ziyoud has transformed Charisma Group into a leading producer of premium Arabic content since its establishment in 2005. The company has delivered over 22,000 hours of engaging tailored content for acclaimed Arab TV channels globally, including primetime hits like ET Bil Arabi, The Insider Bil Arabi, The Killing "Monaatef Khater", and numerous other successful drama series, reality TV shows, movies, and lifestyle talk shows. Prior to founding Charisma Group, Al Ziyoud held key positions at MBC Group, where he served as Executive Producer and played a crucial role in the creation and supervision of numerous successful formats, including the longest-running game show in Arab Television history "Huroof wa aloof." Al Ziyoud is also recognized as a pioneering pan-Arab TV personality; he produced and hosted thought-provoking programs like "Adam" and appeared as a talk show host on MBC 1, where he broke new ground by leading discussions on taboo topics in a socially responsible manner. He was also responsible for leading the re-launch of the MBC Group's digital strategy and platforms. With a passion for innovation, Al Ziyoud holds numerous patents and copyrights related to the television and telecommunications industries. He began his career at the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation, where he produced and hosted shows in Arabic and French, before transitioning to family-oriented programs on Jordan TV.

Aiman Al Ziyoud
CEO of Charisma Group