Moun3ataf Khater (The Killing)




DR Drama’s multi-award-winning TV series ‘The Killing’ has undergone an exciting transformation when Charisma Pictures – under Charisma Group produced its Arabic adaptation.

The massive hit show that started the ‘Nordic Noir’ genre emerged as an Arabic adaption, debuted on Shahid VIP – the world’s leading Arabic streaming platform – on 15 July 2022.

The brand-new original of ‘The Killing’ (‘Moun’atef Khater’ منعطف خطر) changes location from rainy and gloomy Copenhagen to bustling Cairo in Egypt, where the series was filmed. 

Lead actors in the series include Bassel Khayat (‘Al Arrab’, ‘Tango’), Riham Abdel Ghafour (‘Zay El Chams’, ‘AlRahla’), and Bassem Samra (‘Bent Esmaha Zaat’, ‘Menawra bi Ahliha’).

Produced by Charisma Pictures, part of Charisma Group – which acquired the adaption rights from DR Sales – the series is written by Mohamed El Masry and directed by Al Sadeer Masoud (‘Qaid Majhol’), with director of photography (DoP), Hossam Habib.

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Lead actors:

Basel Khayyat

Bassem Samra

Riham Abdel Ghafour

Salma Abudeif

Mohammed Alaa

Tamer Nabil

Hamza El Eily

Adam El Sharkawy

Kareem Mahgoub

Photos from the show: